FSB continues to Build on retail momentum by Signing with King Bet

On Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 the international business-to-business sports betting as well as iGaming provider, FSB, has recently just increased their retail impression by securing a new partnership deal with the ever-growing Irish operator, King Bet.

The New Partnership between FSB & King Bet

This new and exciting breaking news that was just announced, will align the key components of FSB (such as their award-winning retail technology stack) with King Bet’s brand-new flagship store located in Dún Laoghaire.

FSB continues to Build on retail momentum by Signing with King Bet

This partnership will include 16 – SSBT’s with full TITO integration, GeWeTe cash handler, as well as the unique omni – channel Companion App. That proprietary mix of products and services will now allow their users to take advantage of a labor-light and tech-first existence within their infrastructure.

This news comes right after FSB’s retail products and services were featured in a fortunate as well as prosperous portion of the global iGaming services provider’s multi-channel supplier of the year award winner from the EGR Award Ceremony last year.

About FSB

FSB has won various awards for their state-of-the-art gaming technology, and there are aiming at expanding their coverage to incorporate the major sports located in the United States of America such as football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. They have operational experience across four different continents, and they have been granted the SBC Sportsbook Supplier of the Year award. Their service offerings specialize in both retail and mobile sports gambling, trading services, customer support, hosting, and marketing. FSB has received several prestigious industry awards over the past years.

The Head of Retail at FSB, Russell Colvin, mentioned, “Since our EGR Multi – Channel Supplier award win in June, interest in our retail product continues to grow and this new partnership with King Bet is another example of this.”

 King Bet have collaborated closely with us to curate an omnichannel offering that perfectly fits their player base for this flagship store. Working with their team on developing a fully self -service shop environment, where staff can focus on customer service, has been rewarding. I’m especially thrilled that King Bet has embraced the omni – channel aspect of our retail stack via our Companion App”.

 Our ultimate goal is to improve the operational capacity of our partners through our technology and this new partnership cements that philosophy. We look forward to a long and successful association.”

The Owner of King Bet, Ian O’Halloran, stated, “I wanted to work with a business that valued my vision and that had the technology to deliver on it. I selected FSB, as they are an innovative, forward – thinking team that really value end user experience alongside my requirements as an operator.”