Phil Hellmuth earns King of the Hill win

The Rivers Casino in Schenectady, New York recently played host to a Poker Night in America competition known as King of the Hill. Top poker pros were on hand to compete in the event, which was streamed on Twitch for fans and fellow players to enjoy from home. Included in the mix was Phil Hellmuth, Doug Polk, Daniel Cates and Frank Kassela. In the end, it was Hellmuth who earned the win after duking it out with Cates in the final heads-up matchup.

Phil Hellmuth earns King of the Hill win

On Tuesday, Daniel Cates would take on Frank Kassela while Doug Polk would take on Hellmuth. It would take just a short time before Cates and Hellmuth would be the last two standing and have to go head to head to see who the champion would be.

On Wednesday, the two began competing in a best of three format, as reported by each player was given $100,000 in chips but the winner would take all. Blinds began at $50/$100 with levels increasing every 20 minutes. The first round would go to Hellmuth while Cates would take the second. This left the third round being the deciding factor as to who would be the ultimate King of the Hill.

The final match began later in the evening and it was certainly something to watch. Cates would take a commanding lead, which would leave Hellmuth down 7 to 1 in chips. Just a short time later and Hellmuth was down to a 34 to 1 chip deficit. Despite being down and seemingly out, Hellmuth was not ready to give up. He won a hand then another, and it wouldn’t take long before the lead Cates had previously held began to get smaller and smaller.

In the end, Hellmuth would have a 4 to 1 chip lead and the final hand would go down. Cates would move all in with K-Q off suit. Hellmuth would be in as well with A-6. The board ran in Hellmuth’s favor and the event would end after the seasoned poker pro made an amazing comeback.